PECIPTA 2017 offers opportunity to academia and industries to secure Public-Private Research Network (PPRN) grant.
‘Demand –Driven Innovation Project’ by PPRN, is an initiative spearheaded by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia; as one of the strategies to close the technological knowledge gap, increase productivity and strengthen Malaysian economic development through innovation and commercialization programs.


  1. Company describes technological problems or areas where there is potential for productivity gains.
  2. PPRN will find a team of experts/scientist that will provide /develop state of the art technology to solve problem.
  3. Company and PPRN will co-finance development cost.



  • Enable the creation of a knowledge friendly ecosystem in Malaysia through applied research.
  • Ensure that the research and innovation carried out by Higher Learning Institutions and Research Institutions remain relevant and meet the needs of industry and society.
  • Ensure cost effective project implementation by optimizing the resources in Higher Learning Institutions and Research Institutions and stimulating investment from industries.
  • Help to increase productivity and industrial technological, thus enabling them to move up the value chain.
  • The national goal for sustained development and a more equitable society will be achieved.



  • Application is open for all companies registered in Malaysia with annual sales turnover of more than RM50,000.
  • Projects need to be technological in nature
  • Projects that essentially involve management or marketing solutions will not be considered
  • Projects that essentially require the purchase of off-the-shelve solutions will not be considered
  • Product/services must be at commercial stage i.e ready in market but may need improvement in term of process or product itself
  • No field restriction for projects
  • For multinational companies, they must have a majority of Malaysians as shareholders (>51%).

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