A Journey in Science by Terengganu Science and Creativity Centre

Terengganu Science and Creativity Centre (PSKT) acts as a centre to disseminate information and promote science and creativity to the public and to assimilate scientific knowledge into everyday life. To achieve its objective, PSKT through its Promotion Unit has initiated “A Journey in Science” to promote science and innovation to primary and secondary school students. PSKT as one of the most important drivers in promoting science and innovation, particularly in the State of Terengganu is taking part in the International Conference and Exposition on Invention of Institution of Higher Learning (PECIPTA) 2017 at Gong Badak Indoor Sport Complex, Kuala Nerus by bringing in the program “A Journey in Science”. The program offers excitement, challenges, funs and information to the visitors.


  1. To encourage public to learn and assimilate scientific knowledge in their everyday life.
  2. To provide a platform for the public to learn science, technology and innovation in a more open and fun environment.
  3. To adopt science as the guiding principle in deliberative processes of learning, knowledge co-creation, and developing problem solving strategies for public

Among the attractive activities are: inertia coin, flying can, house of cards, T-puzzle, balancing nail, travelling ball, antigravity balloon, air booster, + puzzle, balancing forks, and portable dome for showing aerospace film.